Thursday, 1 January 2015

Chistmas Linux Media server build

Over Christmas brake I have been playing with a Linux media server build as I haven't had much chance lately at work to keep my Linux skills up.

Basic Build HP Micro server NL54 + 4 Gig ECC Ram.

OS Ubuntu 14.04 (Should have gone for Mint)
Plex - Media libary + trans coder and DNLA - some fun making profile work for Bravia TV but forums are good.
CatFish File search - cli locate + grep also good!
Thunar File Manager - Batch rename with Regex to assist in getting library clear for Plex.

Graphical System monitoring tool quick Google and found 5 System Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu &I Picked Open System Monitor.

So far so good no real issues and I hadn't got as rusty as I had feared!  Trans coding well even though its only a little AMD 1.5 dual core.

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