Tuesday, 13 January 2015

40 Gbps & 100 Gbps cabling infrastucture

I have been working on putting in the new Nexus equipment with 40/100 Gbps capability over the past few months.  After searching around today I found this link this page, wish I had found it earlier!  Good summary of technology and infrastructure requirements including Link Loss Budgets.


Friday, 2 January 2015

VRF Lite on Nexus 5600

We are using 5696Q with VRF-Lite with BGP as the routing protocol, stumbled upon this from Ian Pepenlnjak, hes found similar findings so that's good! Anyway not worth rewriting his post either as it will be much better than anything I could put out right now.
VRF Lite on Nexus 5600

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Chistmas Linux Media server build

Over Christmas brake I have been playing with a Linux media server build as I haven't had much chance lately at work to keep my Linux skills up.

Basic Build HP Micro server NL54 + 4 Gig ECC Ram.

OS Ubuntu 14.04 (Should have gone for Mint)
Plex - Media libary + trans coder and DNLA - some fun making profile work for Bravia TV but forums are good.
CatFish File search - cli locate + grep also good!
Thunar File Manager - Batch rename with Regex to assist in getting library clear for Plex.

Graphical System monitoring tool quick Google and found 5 System Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu &I Picked Open System Monitor.

So far so good no real issues and I hadn't got as rusty as I had feared!  Trans coding well even though its only a little AMD 1.5 dual core.