Monday, 10 February 2014

Forget the Nexus 6001 the Nexus 5600 just replaced it! well kind of....

Cisco look to have rebranded the Nexus 6001 in to the Nexus 5672 platform but added Fibre Channel support.

They have also released a 2U logical replacement for the Nexus 5596 called the Nexus 56128, somewhat confusing for the customer and kind of brakes there numbering schema they have been running, Cisco a bit more planning, Prior Planning Prevent Poor Performance? Bit harsh but hay, they were announced at Cisco Live Europe, the Data Sheet is out at but the from my CCO login I can’t get a price on anything other than software upgrades as yet!

Well the upshot, can’t see why you would buy a Nexus 5500 or the Nexus 6001 over the new Nexus 5600’s once you can actually get a price for them ;-)

Also announced the Cisco Nexus 3172 it’s a 10-Gbps SFP+-based ToR switch with 48 SFP+ ports and 6 QSFP ports, allot of forwarding power to Top of Rack!

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